About SFLStone

SFLStone is a leading, family-owned and operated, direct distributor and for multiple Kitchen and closet lines. We have been serving builders, developers, remodelers, and homeowners for the past 10 years when we opened our first showroom/warehouse in Miami, FL.  Today, we serve the entire U.S. and Caribbean, as well as other nations around the world.

Our friendly and knowledgeable design team has over ten years of experience and can assist you with all facets of your project including, but not limited to, measuring, working with contractors/architects, designing various kitchen and bath layouts to the final delivery and installation of your product.  No job is too big or too small, and we take pride in offering you a variety of options and accessories to make your kitchen and bath practical, functional, and impressive, yet won’t break the bank. We are competitive and aggressive in the marketplace so you know you’re getting the best deal in town.  Let us know you’re budget – we’ll work with you to ensure that you get what you want at the price you want.

What else you need to know?
Need a new kitchen tomorrow? No problem! The warehouse is always stocked with cabinets and we can deliver the very next day.

Working with us is easy, fast and profitable. We offer:

* The most knowledgeable sales staff representatives in the business
* Field sales staff available – Call us at 954.589.1976 to discuss your Construction, Remodeling, Renovation or Repair projects. Our representatives can be quickly dispatched in the Miami, Broward, Palm beach area. This service is available to builders, contractors, owners and property managers of multi-housing facilities, such as rental / apartment buildings, condominiums, office buildings, commercial properties, etc.
* Specialists in kitchen & bathroom remodeling in multi-housing environments, very competitive prices for faucets, sinks, solid wood kitchen cabinets, custom countertops, etc..
* Fast, friendly, experienced customer support staff to assist your every need.

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Ultimate Service, Quality & Pricing.

Deep Quantity Discounts,
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Our Price Quality combination is unmatched in the industry. Come visit our showroom. Touch and open our cabinets, experience the high quality finish, and feel the solid structure. Then write down the price and go to any retailer or wholesaler you can find… You will never locate an equal product at our prices. As a rule, you can expect to pay up to twice as much to receive a comparable product. This is what we call GREAT PRICE & GREAT QUALITY.

for inspiration, great ideas, and an array of other products that we carry in-stock, including ceramic and vessel sinks, toilets, and granite and caesarstone countertops.

Call or come visit us today. Even if you’ve seen a kitchen that you don’t see on our website or in our showroom, let us know. We have direct contacts with hundreds of manufacturers from all over the world and can meet your needs at a price you’ll like.

Kitchen & Bath Fabrication Services for Multi-Housing Projects

Years of experience make us one of the best choices for Kitchen & Bath Fabrication Services for large Multi-Housing Projects. Over the years we helped builders, contractors, and property owners with quality multi-housing supplies and products, used not only in every day maintenance, and repair/replacement, but also for renovation/remodeling/new construction jobs. We work with well known manufacturers and suppliers, to bring our customers the best building products, at the most competitive prices.

If you are looking for a consistent and reliable source for kitchen and bath products, you came in the right place. With every project we bring value to our customers.

As a large scale kitchen cabinet distributor and countertop fabricator, we supply a large diversity of New Construction/Renovation/Rehabilitation Projects, such as:

* Kitchens & Baths in Apartment Buildings
* Kitchens & Baths in Condominiums & Townhouses
* Baths in Hotels/Motels/Inns
* Kitchens & Baths in Housing Authority Buildings
* Kitchens & Baths in Hospital
* Other Commercial Projects

With so many kitchen & bath products on the market, it is crucial that you have an experienced and knowledgeable partner, who will help you decide what to choose and install, so that you will cut your costs, for both the initial installations, and the operation over the years. Multi-Housing poses unique challenges to the owners, builders, and contractors, and is imperative for you to make sound decisions, on what are your best options in terms of quality, functionality, longevity, and prices.

If you do have any question, Please call us: 954.589.1976 or email: Sales@AmeriCabinets.com we are ready to help you with any kind of project.